What is digital analytics?

Digital analytics generates rich insight about online customer behaviour and online assets performance. This is achieved through the use of specific technology solutions: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Hitwise, comScore, Radian 6, Google AdWords etc… methodologies and frameworks.
Digital analytics doesn’t stop at producing rich insight. Its fundamental goal is to enable actions which will drive businesses forward. So it is also about formulating hypothesis, testing continually, improving measurement capabilities and embedding best practices.

About the Data Touch

The Data Touch was born to address a number of missed digital analytics opportunities within organisations and was founded by Penelope Bellegarde, an established digital analytics practitioner since 2007 based in London and English & French bilingual.
Over the years, we have worked with a wide range of organisations: in the private and public sector, big and small, as a consultant for one of the top professional firms in the world and also as a digital analytics manager for top media and travel firms.