What is Digital Analytics?

What is Digital Analytics?

Digital analytics generates rich insight about online customer behaviour and online assets performance. This is achieved through the use of specific technology solutions: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Hitwise, comScore, Radian 6, Google AdWords etc… methodologies and frameworks.
Digital analytics doesn’t stop at producing rich insight. Its fundamental goal is to enable actions which will drive businesses forward. So it is also about formulating hypothesis, testing continually, improving measurement capabilities and embedding best practices.

How can it help today’s business world?
Whether an organisation wants to increase online sales, reduce cost to serve, better understand its customers, increase marketing effectiveness or manage competitive risks, digital analytics can help. Below are a few examples of key analysis that can help solve these problematics.


Grow revenue

Online purchase process analysis to understand the moments where organisations fail to grow e-commerce sales.
Online customer engagement analysis to grow online advertising revenues.

Reduce cost

Channel cost analysis to compare cost to serve offline vs. online
Online servicing process analysis to understand the moments where organisations fail to shift transactions online.

Know Your Customers

Online audience segmentation analysis to understand who your key customers are, what their needs are and where organisations fail and succeed at retaining them.

Improve marketing effectiveness

Digital marketing effectiveness analysis to understand top and worst customers’ touch points, which digital channels organisations should be investing more in and which ones they should stop wasting money on.

Manage competitive risks

Competitive intelligence analysis to understand where and how your competitors are outperforming you online.

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